The currency in Poland is the Polish zloty (PLN) which is subdivided  into 100  grosze (gr).  The current exchange rate to Euro and US  dollar can be checked  at  (chose PLN as the Polish currency  code).  Delegates may change  foreign currency and travelers cheques at  several banks  located  in  the centre of the city as well as in many exchange  boureaus (so  called  “kantor”), at  the hotels, at the airport and railway stations  and many other  locations in the city.  International credit cards are  accepted in  most hotels,  restaurants, cash machines  (“bankomat”)  and in department  stores. The most  common credit cards are  American  Express, EuroCard,  Maestro, MasterCard and  VISA.

 Most shops (except from food stores) are open from 11.00 am until  7.00 pm.  Some  department stores may open earlier or close later on  weekends. There is  no  lunch  break. Polish craftwork is fascinating:  wood craving and hand-woven  rugs  come from  different regions.  Other souvenirs include glass, hand-woven  baskets,  paper cut-outs  and crystal. One of the most popular souvenirs is  amber from the  Baltic Sea. Each  individual piece can be fashioned into a  pendant,  ring, bracelet or  earrings. Most highly  prized is amber with  prehistoric insects preserved inside,  though it is a rare find. Poland  is  also  known for its silver jewellery, which is  sometimes combined with  amber to  create uniquely regional pieces.
 As a foreign visitor you are entitled to claim back the tax you pay on  your  purchases  when you take them home. The easy and safe way to  reclaim your  tax  is with Global  Refund, the world’s leading tax  refund company. This  service is  offered by major  retailer’s world –  wide. The VAT rate in our country  is 7 % and  22 % (at the  moment). Your total purchases must exceed 200 PLN  (equivalent of  approximately € 65). Your  Global Refund Cheque must be  stamped  by Customs  no later than on the last day of  the third month  following the month when the  purchase was made.
 Finally, receive your cash refund by cashing your Global Refund  Cheques at  Cash  Refund Office.