(Only for keynote lecturers: Sven Bergmann, Richard Eric Besser, John Cullen, Chand Khanna, Slawomir Majewski, Trygve T. Poppe, Joaquim Segales)

The deadline for submission of abstracts is May 31st, 2009.

Please, be sure that your abstract is scientifically clear.
It should summarize accurately the work to be presented. If possibly, include a concluding statement.

Please follow the instructions carefully.

Computer programme
: Word for Windows.

: English.

: The length of the lecture abstract (including tables, figures and references) must not exceed 3 pages: text 12,6 cm wide and 18,7 cm high
              (for your facilitation complete the Abstract Submission Form)

Text and font
: Times New Roman with a size no bigger than 10 point font.

: Single-line.

Note!: Title, Authors and affiliations no higher than 4,5 cm.

: In bold capitals. 11 point font. Centered. Single space after the title.

: Not bold. Not capitals. 10 point. Centered. Author’s full surname and first (in such an order) name. Type a coma (,) between authors. When different authors have different affiliations they should be marked with Arabian superscript numeration. Presenting author’s name must be underlined.

Affiliation: Not bold. Not capitals. 10 point. In italics. Justified. The address should only include: institution, department, city, country and e-mail of presenting author. E-mail separated in the last line of the affiliation. Single space after the affiliation.

Text: 10 point font. Subheads in bold (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, eventually Conclusion, References). Spell out any abbreviations in full on the first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses.

Tables and Figures: Tables and figures within the borders of the lecture abstract are allowed. Mark and sign the tables and figures with Arabian numerals. The title put below the figure and under the table.

References: Only references to papers published in regular journals, books and book chapters, or abstracts published in regular journals (or supplements to regular journals) are accepted. In the text, they should conform to the following examples: "... Kaleczyc (1997) has shown..." or "... as recently revealed (Lakomy, 1989, 1990; Majewski and Kaleczyc, 1995), it seems that...". All references should be listed at the end of the paper as follows: Szarek J., 1995. Pathomorphological pattern of Q fever. In: Anusz Z., (ed) Q fever in humans and animals. Wydawnictwo ART, Olsztyn pp 201-218.Szarek J., Kowalski I.M., van Dam F., Zarzycki D., Pawlicki R., Fabczak J., 2003. Pathomorphological pattern of paravertebral muscles of rabbits after long term experimental electrostimulation. Path. Res. Pract., 199(10): 613-618.

Submission Method: Send the Abstract and the completed Abstract Submission Form as attached files by e-mail to:   

              Title your e-mail as: ABSTRACT SUBMISSION – Name of the first author