Document Control
Arrivals from the Schengen Zone
Arrivals from outside the Schengen Zone
Passengers do not go through document control and are directed straight to luggage reclaim.
Passengers must go through document control.

What are the rules of entering the Schengen Zone for citizens of all other countries?

Citizens of all other countries must fulfil the following conditions in order to enter countries belonging to the Schengen Zone:
  • Hold a valid travel document and a visa, if required, from the citizens of the given country,
  • Determine the aim of their journey and have sufficient financial means for the period of the visit and for return,
  • Persons intending to enter the Schengen area must not be listed on SIS as unsolicited persons or those posing a danger to public order.
Since the day Poland joined the Schengen Zone, which was the 21st of December 2007, Polish consulates have issued uniform C visas (the so-called “Schengen visas”), which entitle the bearer to an entrance and stays of no more than 3 months every 6 months in the Schengen member states.

The D visas issued since the 21st of December 2007 entitle bearers to an entrance and stay only in the territory of Poland. Polish visas, issued before Poland joined the Schengen Zone, do not automatically become Schengen visas and do not entitle bearers to movement within the whole Schengen Zone, but only within the territory of Poland. These visas are valid until they expire.